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The Problem

Digital Court Recording (DAR) has for the last two decades become the defacto methods in capturing the record.  This method is based upon a number of similar software applications, produced by different vendors, that all record multi-channel audio from an audio mixer into a proprietary format, incorporating time based metadate/annotations which can be added by a monitoring operator. All these applications suffer from the same core problems:

  • A separate PC is required to undertake the recording using the installed software application.
  • The computer needs to be connected to the audio mixer via analogue or digital technologies.
  • The audio mixer has to be able to support the number of microphone inputs while also providing multi-channel output to support the recording software.
  • Time based annotations/metadata are added manually or by the application based upon the mixed audio/microphones per recording channels being provided from the audio mixer.
  • A user adding annotation needs to be listening to the audio at all times and then react to a speaker change.
  • The software application needs an operator to be monitoring/managing it at all times.


ASGARD EDGE - The New Solution

Introducing ASGARD EDGE is the world’s first integrated digital audio recording built into a commercial Digital Signal Processing (DSP) audio mixer that can support multichannel recording and simultaneously produced time-based annotation/metadata that is based upon each audio input/microphone input, in an automated manner, such that each “speaker” changed is captured/annotated automatically without the need for a monitoring user.   Key benefits of the ASGARD EDGE platform are:

  • No separate PC is required for recording reducing connection and additional hardware.
  • No separate software application on a PC is required for recording and annotating.
  • The use of a commercial DSP audio mixer is only required.  Reducing hardware and power and potential fails points in the system.
  • No need for a proprietary recording format to be used.
  • The recording systems can work in an autonomously or semi-managed monitored mode.
  • Time based Annotations/Metadata are automatically produced based upon each individual audio input/microphone with labelled information into a separate open format file associated to the recording.
  • Time based Annotations/Metadata can be produced up to 10 items second based upon speech changes per input
  • A custom user interface can be used to control and manage the recording and add additional meta data using the standard mixer or via a separate control system.
  • ASGARD EDGE will record locally on the DSP and then transfer the audio to a network file storge path via secure transfer connection in an automated manner.
  • The highly accurate metadata produced by ASGARD EDGE allows for Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) systems to produce speech to text with detailed indication of individual speakers.
  • Playback/Transcription can be undertaken using the ASGARD EDGE Multi Channel Player (MCP) or using cloud-based portals such as TheRecordXchange


ASGARD EDGE – Technical Requirements:

The following items are required for the use of ASGARD EDGE:

  • Any Commercial Q-SYS DSP audio mixer can be used, which is a stable platform to meet 1 to 128+ microphone/audio inputs.
  • Installation of the ASGARD EDGE plugin via the Q-SYS Asset Manager, which can be incorporated into any DSP desgin required.  A unlock code if required for use with the plugin.
  • Use the supplied Q-SYS user interface or desgin your own using the standard UCI desgin tools.
  • Windows File Server for long term file storage