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ASGARD EDGE Archiver transfers audio recording and meta-data files from the Q‑SYS core to network storage.

All ASGARD EDGE recordings and metadata are transferred as each file block closes, file transfers are checked for perfect error free delivery. The systems will automatically attempt to replicate the file the central server area.  It will validate a successful replication and log this event. In the event the replication fails or cannot be achieved, it will continue to attempt the process until it is successful.  All replication, either successful or failed, are logged into the system and can be reviewed.  A simple status message can also be displayed.

Once archived the file on the Q‑SYS mixer is marked as archived and it then overwritten on a first in first out basis as the hard drive fills up.


Key Advantages

The MCP main functionality is as follows:

  • Standard record locally on the DSP and then transfer the audio to a network file storge path via secure transfer connection in an automated manner.

  • Network failure or disconnect will not stop recording.

  • Automated reattempts are undertaken.

  • Multiple recorders to the same archive server possible