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Asgard Player is a simple, robust player available for free download.

The player meets all the basis requirements for a playback systems, allowing a variety of users to playback any recording in conjunction with reviewing and acting upon the annotations made. The Player provides standard  transcription functionality and allows continuous playback of multiple consecutive recordings.

Key Advantages

The MCP main functionality is as follows:

  • Play of 1, 2 or 4 channel recording content produced by ASGARD EDGE.

  • Read the Annotation File for that portion of the recording and associate it to the timestamps to the audio playback.

  • Skip forward and back in large and small increments (adjustable in settings).

  • Draggable slider to set the playback position in time.

  • Jump to a time - ability to enter a time and jump to the particular time.

  • Click a timestamp link in the Annotations and jump to that time in that recording.

  • Auto scroll of Annotations as playback advances.

  • Ability to turn on and off the Annotation window.

  • Load multiple files and play then one after the other (automatically or manually).

  • Use a standard VEC foot pedal to play, skip forward and backwards – indication of foot pedal is connected.

  • Keyboard shortcuts on all major items.

  • Isolate channels as required.

  • Master volume control and mute.

  • Thin view (minimal playback view).

  • Always on top mode.

  • Browse to a location to find the audio recordings.

  • Scan of the recording folder location to pick up new files as they arrive – adjustable in setting .