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ASGARD EDGE - Recorder & Annotations

The ASGARD EDGE Recorder & Annotator applications work together within the Q‑SYS mixer.  Leveraging the 1, 2 or 4 channel MP3 recorder within the Q‑SYS platform, the ASGARD EDGE annotator creates immediate detailed timestamped metadata based upon the microphone or line input audio.  Using standard settings such as location, time and data, plus additional setting of the audio recording quality the recordings are captured based the setting in the Q‑SYS audio mixer.


The annotations are based upon the spoken word rather than just sound, allowing detailed annotation information to be produced, when each channel has somebody speaking on it.  A sophisticated algorithm manages the annotations creation, even when multiple channels have speech on them, determining the key speaker at any one time. Even when there is a quick succession of speaker changes the algorithm is able to annotate up to 10 speakers changes per second across all channels. The result is a multi-channel audio recording of 1, 2 or 4 channels with a detailed metadata file produced alongside it.

Additional metadata can be added as and when required, using the Q‑SYS UCI or other control system interface, allowing ad hoc or specific additional metadata with a timestamp to be entered by a monitoring supervisor.

The recording and metadata is stored on the Q‑SYS platform using the internal storage drive (which can be upgraded) allowing for many hours of recording to be maintained in a secure manner.

Key Advantages

The MCP main functionality is as follows:

  • All recording made with a Location, Time and Date naming standard.

  • To maintain operational integrity audio files can be recorded in 5, 15, 30 or 60 mins blocks.

  • The recording systems can operate autonomously or in semi-managed/monitored mode.

  • Time based Annotations/Metadata are automatically produced based upon each individual audio input/microphone with user configurable information.

  • Time based Annotations/Metadata can be produced at a rate of up to 10 items per second based upon speech changes per input.

  • The Q‑SYS interface can be used to control and manage the recording and add additional metadata.

  • The customisable operator user interface allows control and management of the recording and annotation data.

  • Reduces the need for dedicated monitoring staff member per room.

  • No need for inefficient back-annotating when monitoring multiple rooms.

  • One monitoring supervisor can monitor and manage multiple rooms.

  • Confidence monitoring of the recording as a mixed stream is available direct to any browser.

TheRecordXchange Advantage

ASGARD EDGE is compatible for use with TheRecordXchange ( allowing all recording to be managed within the systems for advanced recording and transcription services.  TheRecordXchnage also support integrated VoiceCopy feature that when coupled with the ASGARD EDGE recording provide high grade voice to text with channel identification as individual speak.

  • The highly accurate metadata produced by ASGARD EDGE allows for Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) systems to produce speech to text with detailed indication of individual speakers.

  • Transcription Management.

  • Recording Content Management.